Colorado Avalanche go for a ride high mountains wide

Busy Colorado Avalanche go for a ride high mountains wide, Dankan season Lvfeihongshou, in silence, calmly strong.If the next life, I will Chicago Blackhawks still be strong.In a number St. Louis Blues of Team North America the evening, I like to stand on the New York Rangers horizon, watching the evening shadows lengthened, the San Jose Sharks town watching the sunset dyed warm. But, when the night wind, 2016 Stanley Cup Champions I can not help but think Nashville Predators of some outdated story ……(1) At that time, silent mountains and rivers, simple and minimalist. The afternoon sun, light is often butterflies yard dog catching, childhood under the low wall a girl smiled and talked.(2) Then, the morning birds Team Russia singing, years of Los Angeles Kings quiet good. Pittsburgh Penguins Evening afterglow, running active figure in the playground, under the hurdle youth, a boy shot look brilliant.(3) dew pure campus Detroit Red Wings secretly butterfly perched on the edge Anaheim Ducks of the playground swing, Zither Love, gentle boy, Sentimental and Calgary Flames thin letterhead, Minnesota Wild east of the Florida Panthers summer, a period called the fireworks of the Tampa Bay Lightning past.(4) Music Festival fireworks illuminate how many people are lonely. Deafening the Ottawa Senators whole universe, a gentle fit. If you Montreal Canadiens can again, will keep beside Philadelphia Flyers each other, not to run away?Sitting under the lights, gently pull Edmonton Oilers the bookcase, pulls those reluctant to Buffalo Sabres discard letterhead, suddenly wanted to get back that old feeling. However, when Cheap NHL Jerseys reading the mood crest, read the Boston Bruins hearts Team Sweden of sour, read NHL misty eyes, I suddenly sad to find that I can not return Columbus Blue Jackets to yesterday, Vancouver Canucks can not be restored to a happy expired, Team USA that yellowing letterhead also yellowing of the Team Canada year Team Czech Republic color story. Originally, the brilliant New York Islanders but Team Finland exhausting snow was a youth make Xie desolate, none of us can escape the ruling time, we 2016 Stanley Cup are not too complicated, but Feng Toronto Maple Leafs Yan too harsh.Aperture refers to the time lost, butterfly playground swing on flying. Kenichi Dallas Stars pool Su ink, New Jersey Devils next year you want to draw the sunny smile, cut some time, then you want to carve out the promise, but, long years, is more than the pale mountains Carolina Hurricanes and rivers, Arizona Coyotes there are those who Winnipeg Jets say that good forever. Now, when the wind blows, still yearning NHL Jerseys for worship, the flowers, when sadness still in the churn, when the rain, the Washington Capitals memories are still in trouble, go