Poker Sit and Go Report: The Distribution of Playable Hands


I’ve often agreed with this formula in my free sit and go video strategy series too. Generally you can’t go too wrong playing tight and competitive early on. Where I disagree with such tight playing pundits is that looking forward to strong hands has enormous drawbacks as well. Keep in mind that many sit and go tournaments wont possess too much more than 100 hands played!

Firstly, it is far easier for QQ Online terpercaya competitors to put you on strong hole cards if they view you playing with a hand early in the tournament. It’s called open publication poker, and the smarter players will likely be waiting to swallow you along with your foreseeable play in to a gaping trap. There are however ways to combat this as well.

More importantly though, is the supply of playable hands. On their website, Pokerroom always tabulates how many times you can get dealt with a hand in holdem. This is a real game count during the last 500,000 hands dealt with their site. Therefore it’s tough to contend with these realities.

You are certain to get yourself a pocket set 5.89percent of the full time. Of the pairs, AA, KK and QQ will property in your hole 1.35% of their time. You will get AK 1.2% of the time. So dependent on the super tight recommendations you’ll soon be playing 2.5% of the hands to the very first 3 stages. I play with sit and play tournaments on many poker sites and so within the first 30 – 40 hands, so chances are you may not get dealt anything playable according to those guidelines. In embracing this strategy you might have to play with an effective shortgame because by the simple realities of mathematics, you will be short stacked 4 out of five times once any tournament loses half of its players. Still another aspect to think about here is that individuals hands only usually acquire, not win. That means you might be looking forward to KK, and a chump calls you in with suited AT and sends you packaging if an ace hits the flop. Have you ever been there? I will be positive to have.

Simply put, you want to put in different hole cards into your repertoire, or you are just likely to have slow growth or no growth in your bankroll playing too tight. But adding weaker holdings means you will need to build other skills in your own game such as scanning your competitors, tracking their gambling, understanding standing, bluffing, and reading a plank right.

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